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To provide spacious accommodation, performance training, a variety of sports facilities, high quality gastro outlets thus creating a unique sports oriented environment.  

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We created Destination Emirates Sports as a unique niche concept. Despite comprising 200 apartments which accommodate 600 people and an F&B that can fit 700 people, it aims to preserve that boutique, one-stop-shop feel which large hotel chains often lack.

Emirates Sports Destination is being created largely for athletes and by former athletes and sports managers with a deep first-hand knowledge of both the sports and hospitality industry and the needs of potential guests. 

Emirates Sports is a community-driven sports network infrastructure, a one stop solution for your longevity. 


The story begins in 1996 when Vladimir Burdun stepped on to the UAE soil having decided to settle in Dubai and bring multiple 25 years of experience in sports and events & hospitality management to invest, innovate and disrupt. Founder of Emirates Sports, Vladimir comes from a sports background. That is why most of his businesses are in this or that way connected with sports and aimed at its promotion in the GCC region.

In mid-2000 Vladimir met Damir Valeev, a bright and ambitious lawyer with the prime focus on Sports and Entertainment Law, its corporate & commercial. Sharing a lot of common ground they strike up a friendship and a strong and successful partnership that lasts to this day.

Not long after meeting Damir, Vladimir propels his ideas to the UAE government where he collaborates with Ahmed Hamel Al Quabaisi who is heavily involved in promotion of the Olympic and general sports in the UAE region and is an active member of the UAE Olympic Committee and the Vice President of the UAE Winter Sports Federation.

The three of them worked closely together for a number of years doing extensive facility management and shaping the future of sports in UAE and GCC.

And recently with their life-long passion about sports and extensive professional experience combined, they came to a point of developing a unique concept of Emirates Sports.


ESN Entertainment and Hospitality has an in-depth understanding of the unique set of challenges and requirements involved in designing, building/renovating, delivering and then managing professional sports facilities as well as in developing hospitality projects with the sports specifics in mind. 

We also offer branding, marketing & PR and event organisation services for and at the  facilities under our management. In this category also falls a sports news website A sports news website also falls under this category as well as , sports merchandise distribution activities and a sports agency managed by ENS Entertainment and Hospitality. 

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